• €16,000 Awarded to Employee. No VDU/DSE Risk Assessment Undertaken.

    A High Court judges Findings

    • The workstation was a contributing factor in her condition, but was not the cause.
    • The temperature in the room varied affected her sinuses
    • Drawers under her desk caused her to sit crooked.
    • The desk was in an awkward position.
    • No risk assessment was performed on the woman’s work station.
    • The court had difficulty in finding that the defects in the workstation caused her condition, but stated they were a contributing factor. The court awarded €15,000 plus €1000 for special damages, totalling €16,000. Plus, €4,000 for medical and other costs.  The potential loss here could have been up to €64,500 according to The Book of Quantum.
    • Have you carried out VDU/DSE Risk Assessment for your staff????
    • Contact Guardian Safety for more details, click the link below.


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