Evacuation Chair Training Course

Evacuation Chair Training Course

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Course Duration: 3 Hours 
Venue: Aspect Hotel

Evacuation Chair Training Course Can also be delivered at your premises at any time




This is a practical course designed to teach key employees how to use the Evac+Chair safely so that they can evacuate people who need assistance or cannot evacuate themselves.


To give participants the skills to operate the Evacuation Chair confidently and competently.

The course includes:

  • Understanding fire safety
  • How Fire Travels
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Planning (PEEPS)
  • Manual Handling – principals of safe lifting in and out of the chair, as well as handling the chair.
  • Chair Assembly
  • Putting the chair user at ease
  • Moving & Transfer of Evacuee from office, corridor, or landing to stairs
  • Descending the stairs
  • Practical use of the chair under various scenarios
  • Moving to the assembly point

On course completion, all delegates meeting the training standard are certified and deemed competent for their roles.

Maximum Participant per course: 6

Qualification: 2-year Cert of competency

Certification: Guardian Safety and Evac+Chair Certificate

This is a class 1 medical device,  therefore training must be refreshed at intervals of 2 years.

We are certified by Evac+Chair. We are one of the very few companies in Ireland that are actually certified by Evac+Chair as a trainer and reseller.

Our trainers must undergo extensive refresher training every two years to ensure they are certified to deliver training. This ensures that we are current with the manufacturer’s requirements and current medical guidelines for training.

Attendees should have completed a Manual Handling Course before they complete the Evacuation Chair Course.

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