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Manual Handling Instructor Training Course – QQI Level 6

Our comprehensive Manual Handling Instructor Training Course QQI Level 6 covers all aspects of instructing in Manual Handling, equipping participants with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to train others to deliver manual handling training to employees at all levels including management. This intensive and highly interactive course will train participants in instructional skill techniques as well as the theoretical and practical aspects of manual handling in the workplace.

How is the training deliverd

The manual handling instructor course takes 5 days to complete, this is usually spread out over two weeks

Our 5 day manual handling instructor training course is delivered using a blended learning approach. The course is delivered partly in person, partly over a live video link and via e-learning. All learners have access to our state of the art learner management system (LMS), which has up-to-date video instruction detailing current legislation and best practice in manual handling. All video content has been written, produced, delivered by Guardian Safety’s in-house training experts and are based on the most recent guidance set down by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). All learning materials are included within your learner management system, including videos, documentation and government publications. We’ve also provided all the material you require to deliver a manual handling training session. Our live video training sessions are delivered through our live portal, which is set up at a predetermined time for each course. Learners can also access the E-content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with no access restrictions (video cannot be downloaded due to copyright).

Training Courses can also be delivered privately at your premises at any time.

Daily Lessons Breakdown

The Law and The Risk Assessment Process 

Once all the introductions are done and we get to know each other, we will cover the legal aspects of manual handling. We will go through the Safety Health and Welfare Work Act 2005 and the Gen Application Regulations 2007 in detail, focusing on how they relate specifically to manual handling and the prevention of manual handling injuries. We also introduce you to the risk assessment process under Section 19 of the act and explain how this relates directly to manual handling. We will take a preventative approach to manual handling emphasizing that the risk from manual handling cannot be trained out, we will teach you how to manage manual handling so that it presents minimal risk to employees. 

Anatomy and Presentation Skills

On day two of your manual handling instructor course, we will start out covering anatomy where we will look at the functions of the body including muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and discs. We will explain how the body works enabling us to carry out our manual handling activities. We will also explain how easily we can be physically injured through lifting loads that are too heavy or simply using incorrect manual handling techniques.  

For the second half of the day, we will take a break from anatomy and introduce you to presentation skills, we will teach you to set the structure for a course including your aims, objectives, course content, summary, and questions and answers. We practice putting together a small course that will all deliver to help build confidence and prepare us for our manual handling instructor’s presentation, which forms part of the exam. 

Risk Assessment and Lifting Techniques

On day three of the manual handling, we will revisit the risk assessment process, showing you practical risk assessment techniques and how to apply the principles of prevention to avoid the risk from manual handling. We will carry out a range of manual handling risk assessments in the classroom using risk assessment templates and a range of scenarios chosen by their learners.  

The second half of the day will introduce you to lifting techniques we will go for the principles of lifting and find details step-by-step to ensure you understand how the correct lifting technique is a transferable skill that we can use in any situation. When you leave you will be expected to practice your lifting techniques at work and at home, we will discuss them on day four.

Implementation of Lifting Techniques 

On day four we will learn to lift a wide range of loads, at this stage you will have gone through the principles of lifting in detail and have practiced them at home and at work, we will then apply the lift to different techniques, different loads and will introduce you to pushing pulling and lifting awkward loads. We will then team up to carry out team lifting activities. 

Don’t worry throughout the day we will step away from the practical training to give you a break, during this time we will summarise the previous three days of training. 

Manual Handling Course, Presentations, And Written Exam 

On the morning of the day, five will commence the day by delivering a manual handling course. This will be a demonstration of the type, of course, you will be expected to deliver once you complete your training. This course will also act as a refresher for the previous four days of training. 

In the afternoon participants will then deliver a 10-15 minute presentation on a manual handling-related topic. The day will then be completed with a written 20 question exam 

Whats Included With your Manual Handling Instructor Training

Learners will receive lifetime access to our private web portal, and they will be able to access all the necessary resources to deliver their own manual handling training course

Learners will also get two complementary courses: eLearning Presentation Skills and eLearning Online Manual Handling with Video Upload

The lifetime access to our private web portal includes materials such as

PowerPoint Presentation for your use

HSA guidelines documents

Assessments & Administration Documentation such as exams, sign in sheets and appraisals

Manual Handling videos for you to use in your presentations and for your own refrence

Sample Certificate templates

Useful Links to:

• Health & Safety publications
• Codes of Practice
• Relevant court cases
• Book of Quantum
• And so much more…

Ongoing support will be provided to learners after course completion via live access to your trainer via our LMS.

To help build your confidence and competence you can come back to us to sit and view our manual handling course and even deliver a section to live participants


On successful completion of this course learners will receive 2 certificates:

QQI Level 6 Certificate in Manual Handling Instruction
this cert is awarded directly from QQI and can take approximately 2 months to be delivered to the participant.

Guardian Safety Certificate in Manual Handling Instruction
Participants are awarded a Guardian Safety Certificate as an interim cert while they await their official QQI Certificate.


There are three parts to the assessment, participants must pass all three assessments to qualify for the award.

  • Skills Demonstration (60%)
  • Theory Exam (20%), and
  • Assignment (20%).

Participants, as part of the programme assessment, will be required to demonstrate good practical manual handling skills. Participants will also be required to instruct and assess other learners in correct manual handling techniques in a practical setting, using a variety of workplace equipment items.

Participants will further be required to present a selected theoretical module from the Guardian Safety Manual Handling Training Presentation. The assessment presentation to de delivered will be of 15 minute duration approximately and will focus on one of the following components:

  • Introduction to Manual Handling and Legal Overview
  • Risk Assessment for Manual Handling
  • Anatomy of the Spine and Injury Potential
  • Fitness, Flexibility and Posture Issues
  • Key Ergonomic Principles
  • The Key Points of Safe Lifting using the ground level lift as an example

There will be a short written test of knowledge as well as a requirement for participants to complete a work-based Manual Handling Risk Assessment Assignment based on specific approved templates that will be provided, as well as a detailed assignment brief.


Each participant will be graded and awarded based on there results the grades are as follows

Pass 50% – 64%     Merit 65% – 79%    Distinction 80% – 100%

If you are not happy with the grade you recieve and want to appeal it please fill out our Grade Appeals form.

Number of Participants Per Course

The maximum number of users per course is 12.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for managers, health & safety practitioners, trainers, HR staff or others who intend to deliver manual handling training or desire to deliver and certify in-house manual handling courses.


To access programmes leading to this award the learner should have reached the standards of knowledge, skill and competence associated with the preceding level of this award where one exists. This may have been achieved through a formal qualification or through relevant life and work experience.

Language Requirement:

To access courses leading to QQI level 5 and 6 programs (or equivalent) learners will require a good level of English, both oral and written. The minimum standard required  for learners of whom English may not be their first language, or for those who have not completed primary or secondary education in English, is set at Level B2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Language CEFRL.

Evidence of competence and certification to this standard can also be demonstrated by means of the following assessments:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) – Minimum overall band score of 7.0

TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) – High Intermediate level required on 4 skills.0

5N1632 QQI Level 5 English as a Second Language



Achievement of this award will enable the learner to progress to other appropriate programmes leading to awards at the next or higher levels of the National Framework of Qualifications.

Learners who achieve this award may transfer into programmes leading to the Level 6 Specific Purpose Certificate in People Handling Instruction. See QQI Programmes

Learners who successfully complete this award may also progress to a range of different awards. See QQI Awards

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What will I learn from this course?

This course covers everything you need to know to become a manual handling instructor, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to train employers and employees in all aspects of manual handling and the prevention of manual handling injuries.

How long does a manual handling instructor course last?

The manual handling instructor course take 5 days to complete, this does not have to be 5 consecutive days. Our course runs 5 days over 2 weeks.

What assessment are required to complete your Manual Handling Instructor Course?

There are three aspects to the QQI Assessment Skills Demonstration, you will be required to demonstrate your knowledge in all three by;

1. Giving a practical skills demonstration 

2. Completing a theory Exam

3. Completing an assignment

What type of award will I receive for my Manual Handling Instructors course?

Successful Candidates will receive the QQI Level 6 Manual Handling Instruction Award. This is a special purpose award at level 6 on the National Frame work of Qualifications

How are the Manual Handling Instructor results graded?

Preliminary grading will be done in-house by us, but then we send your work to an external authenticator who will verify the grades and amend any if necessary. the grades are as follows 

Pass 50% – 64%     Merit 65% – 79%    Distinction 80% – 100%


Is there any prerequisites to do this course?

there are no prerequisites to doing this course but we do highly recommend only doing this course if you have some knowledge of manual handling.

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