Guardian Safety Consultants

A requirement of the Safety Health & Welfare at Work act 2005, is that employers must use ‘Competent’ persons to manage Health & Safety, but this doesn’t mean that an employer needs to have a Full time Health & Safety Manager. Often this role is fulfilled by a member of the management team and Guardian Safety can provide the relevant competencies on a consultancy basis where they are lacking in an organisation. Some clients choose to have a Retained Safety Consultancy Service, whereby Safety audits are conducted on their business at pre-defined intervals, services can also include training and managing Fire Drills.

Our team of Safety Consultants have together clocked up over a 150 years Health & safety Experience along with a similar amount of years in a variety of work environments.

So what makes us different?

We’ll speak in simple terms, we won’t blind you with Science or give you lots of jargon or legal terms, (we could, but we won’t) we make Health & Safety simple, practical, workable and easy to understand.

As well as providing a variety of Training Courses to our customers, Guardian Safety also provides the following Safety Consulting services;

  • Safety Statements & Communicating the Safety Statement
  • Safety Audits
  • Method Statements
  • Fire Risk Assessment & Emergency Planning, Fire Extinguisher servicing
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment
  • Pregnant Employees Risk Assessment
  • Food Safety Audits & Implementing HACCP
  • Noise Assessments
  • VDU Risk Assessments

Event Organisers

If you are running an event or festival and need assistance with any aspect of safety from Fire to Food;    Guardian Safety are here to help.

If you need any other assistance please do not hesitate to talk to us, we can also help with developing safety committees, assisting you with safety days, implementing risk reduction programmes or developing your own customised in-house training.