VDU/DSE Risk Assessor Training Course

VDU Risk Assessor Training Course


Certified by the British Safety Council

VDU/DSE Risk Assessor Training Course is certified is by the British Safety Council. It meets the requirement of “The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Application) Regulations 2007, Chapter 5 of Part 2. This law outlines the requirements that must be adhered to in relation to Display Screen Equipment. Guardian Safety is one of the only certified training companies in Ireland to be Approved to deliver the VDU/DSE Risk Assessor Training Course Level 2 Award, which is Certified by the British Safety Council.

Next Course Date: 11th of May

Course Duration: 1 Days

Times:  9.30am – 4.30pm

VDU-DSE Risk Assessor Training Course

Venue: C1, Centre Point Business Park, Dublin 12 or at your premises.

VDU/DSE Risk Assessor Training Course: VDU/DSE Risk Assessor Training Course is the ideal course for HR personnel, managers, supervisors, manual handling instructors or other staff who are in the position to assess the risk of computer workstations. The course gives learners the skills necessary to carry out VDU/DSE risk assessments in compliance with current regulations. The course is highly interactive and will use practical assessment and interactive learning throughout the course

The Irish Legislation states that the employer is required to undertake Visual Display Unit (VDU) (DSE) Assessments on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 hour per day.

Course Content: This 1-day course will teach learners the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully carry out VDU Risk Assessments in any working environment. The course covers a number of topics including:

  • Legislation
  • Ergonomics and Anthropometrics
  • Occupational Injuries
  • Hazard Identification
  • Ergonomic Factors
  • Health Promotion
  • Case studies, group discussion
  • Practical Workshop
  • Assessment Techniques

Maximum Participants Per Course:  12

Course Materials: You will receive all the material you need to carry out VDU Risk Assessment including:

    • VDU-DSE Risk Assessment Forms in word format
    • A pre-formatted report that you can use to complete your own reports (word formatted)
  • Trainee notes 

Customer Support: We are always at the end of the phone line if you need help, no matter how long after the course. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call. If you want us to review one of your reports after you start carrying out VDU-DSE Risk Assessments send it in by e-mail and we will have a look over it and give you constructive feedback and some pointers if necessary.

Course Assessment: While the course is highly interactive and there is a practical element. The exam is held online with the British Safety Council. Fees include exam registration. We will provide each learner with a username and password on the day of training. Each learner will then login in online to complete the exam at their leisure.

Who Should Attend: The VDU risk assessors training course is designed for HR personnel, managers, supervisors, manual handling instructors or other staff who are in the position to assess the risk of computer workstations.

Certification: A “British Safety Council Level 2 Certificate in VDU-DSE Risk Assessment” will be awarded to participants once they have successfully completed the course. In addition to this you will be awarded with a Guardian Safety VDU Risk Assessors Certificate.

News: Read here about a recent court case where the employee was awarded €15,000 because her employer did not carry out a VDU-DSE Risk Assessment despite the fact that her injury was not caused by her employer and she had an existing condition.

€15,000 Awarded – No VDU-DSE Risk Assessment Carried Out