Fire Risk Assessor Training Course

The Fire Risk Assessor Training Course is certified by Guardian Safety. It meets the requirements of “The Safety, Health, and Welfare at Work, 2005, Section 19. This law outlines the requirements that must be adhered to in relation to Risk Assessments and state that all employers must carry out a risk assessment, this includes fire Safety Risk Assessments.

Next Course Date: 9th of October

Course Duration: 1 Day

Times:  9.30 A.M. – 5.00 P.M

Venue: Online via Live Virtual Classroom

Fire Risk Assessor Training Course

Fire Risk Assessor Training Course is the ideal course for safety officers, maintenance managers, supervisors, safety reps, and members of staff who are involved in safety. The course gives learners the skills necessary to carry out fire safety risk assessments in compliance with current regulations. The course is highly interactive and will use practical assessment and interactive learning throughout the course.

The “SHWWA 2005” states that the employer is required to identify hazards and carry out risk assessments, this legal requirement includes fire. The course is designed specifically in relation to fire safety management and is not for fire engineers who will look at the building structure.

Course Content: This 1-day course will teach learners the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out Fire Risk Assessments in any working environment successfully. The course covers a number of topics including:

  • – Legislation
  • – Fire Triangle
  • – Risk Assessment Process
  • – Controlling Fire Risks
  • – Passive and Active Fire Controls
  • – Electricity
  • – House Keeping
  • – Fire Risk Assessment Video
  • – Fire Prevention
  • – Practical Fire Risk Assessments

Maximum Participants Per Course:   12

Course Materials: You will receive all the material you need to carry out Fire Risk Assessments including:

  • Fire Risk Assessment Forms in word format
  • A preformatted report that you can use to complete your own reports (word formatted)
  • Trainee notes 

Customer Support: We are always at the end of the phone line if you need help, no matter how long after the course. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call. If you want us to review one of your reports after you start carrying out Fire Risk Assessments, send it in by e-mail and we will have a look over it and give you constructive feedback and some pointers if necessary.

Course Assessment: The Fire Risk Assessment is assessed by means of an online exam. This relates directly to the delegate’s workplace and tests the application of learning in a practical context.  Fees include exam registration. We will provide each learner with a username and password on the training day. Each learner will then login in online to complete the exam at their leisure.

Who Should Attend: The Level 2 Fire Risk Assessor Training Course is designed for safety officers, maintenance managers, supervisors, safety reps, and members of staff who are involved in safety.

Certification: You will be awarded a Guardian Safety Fire Risk Assessors Certificate.

News: Read here about a recent court case where a company was fined €40,000 for not managing fire safety, as a result, 2 employees were burned.

Construction-firm-fined-€40000 after workers sustain serious burn injuries.