Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Risk Assessments are a requirement to be carried out under The Fire Services Act of 1981 and the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act 2005. Legislation requires that Fire Risk Assessments be carried out by concludes and occupier’s of all commercial premises.

Guardian safety trained personnel can carry out these fire risk assessments on your behalf. These fire risk assessments will look at fire safety management, the arrangements in place for dealing with the outbreak of fire, the reasons for attacking the fire and the procedures for the safe evacuation of visitors and personnel.

As well as conducting the Fire Risk Assessments, Guardian Safety will advise on additional controls required to be compliant with fire safety legislation.

We can also help you to develop your emergency response / evacuation plans. We can train your Fire Marshals / Fire Wardens and can help you to run Fire Drills so that you can get them to a stage where the manageable and effective. We can also help you set up your Fire Register.

Once you have carried out your Fire Risk Assessmen we can then help you to develop and implement your emergency plans and train your Fire Wardens/Marshals. We also supply Fire Registers and supply & service Fire Extinguishers.

Our assessors will conduct a thorough inspection of your workplace and produce a written report identifying any deficiencies found. The report will give guidance and recommendations so that you can address any deficiencies, enabling you to comply with the requirements of legislation.
Digital photographs can be taken of any major deficiencies and included in the report.
The fire risk assessment will be tailored to your needs and will cover the following areas:
· Means of escape
· Emergency lighting
· Fire alarms
· Signage
· Structural precautions
· Ignition sources
· Tests and inspections
· Fire fighting equipment
· Record keeping
· Fire action plan
· Staff training
· House keeping
· Arson
On completion of the fire risk assessment the assessor will discuss the findings with you personally.