Fire and Safety Training

Are you looking for one of the best companies to provide you with fire and safety training? Welcome to Guardian Safety, we are proud to be known as one of Ireland’s leading training companies. Our main business aim is to provide our customers with world-class training courses that cover a wide range of topics in the workplace. Some of our main subjects include fire safety, manual handling, food safety and first aid. 

Here at Guardian Safety, our fire and safety training is perfect for all employees regardless of your industry type. It can be carried out either at our premises or the training course can also be delivered at your premises at any time. If you have previously had fire and safety training then this course can also be used as refresher training, refresher training is recommended at intervals no greater than 3 years.

Our fire and safety training course is designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in your workplace and inform you of how to act safely in the event of an emergency fire situation. During this course, you will receive an overview of the current Fire Safety Legislation and be taught the correct steps when hearing the fire alarm. We will discuss the means of raising an alarm and summoning the fire bridge along with the correct evacuation procedures. You will also be taught how to select and use the correct fire extinguishers for different situations, the understanding of the physics and chemistry of fire that we provide will help you with this. Our amazing facilities allow us to a practical demonstration in the use of foam and CO2 fire extinguishers by using our state of the art gas-fired training system so you can see for yourself how it works. 

At the end of our 3-hour fire and safety training course, a short assessment will take place whereby all attendees must complete a multiple-choice test and also a practical demonstration using different fire extinguishers. If these assessments are successfully completed then participants will be awarded a Guardian Safety Certificate in “Fire Safety”. You will also be given notes on fire safety and fire prevention to take away with you for further study. 

If you think our fire and safety training course would be beneficial to you or some of your employees then visit our website to see our next course date, the course will be at C1 Centre Point, Business Park, Dublin 12. If you would like to speak to a member of our team about our fire and safety training or any of the other training courses we provide then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01-4243013, we will gladly assist you in any way we can.