Fire Safety Ireland

Are you updated on the latest fire safety procedures in Ireland? If not, you could benefit from a training course provided by Guardian Safety. Since our establishment, we have gained a glowing reputation thanks to our world-class and accurate resources that have helped a wealth of employees and businesses to learn about the latest health and safety procedures. We have a highly experienced team that will support you throughout the whole course, ensuring you are learning correctly and prepared for the required assessments.  

If you are looking to find out the latest fire safety regulations in Ireland, then we would recommend taking a look at our initial fire safety training course. The overall aim of this course is to designed to raise your awareness of potential hazards, as well as how to act safely in the event of a fire emergency. Whatmore, you will learn how to identify the correct fire extinguisher to use in particular situations, as well as having the opportunity to demonstrate how to correctly use a fire extinguisher.

Once you have completed our standard fire safety course in Ireland, you could then consider advancing your knowledge with additional training. For example, employees can train to become fire marshals and wardens, where they will learn about the importance of selecting the use of appropriate fire fighting equipment, the storage of flammable items and list the duties of a marshal before, during and after an emergency. Additional fire-related courses include fire safety management, risk assessor training, safety surveyor and warden instructor programmes.

As well as fire-safety courses in Ireland, we also offer a range of other courses that are revolved around the various health and safety acts. Unlike fire training, a range of these courses are available online, including those regarding health & safety, business skills and health and social care. The content will be delivered in the form of videos and written documents, all with the aim of informing you about the latest laws, regulations and procedures related to that specific course.
If you would like to learn with Guardian Safety about the latest fire safety procedures in Ireland, be sure to give us a call today on 01-4243013. Our customer service team will be more than happy to confer about your current knowledge and recommend the most suitable course available. If you have any questions about a specific subject, don’t hesitate to email us at, where you can expect a reply within a single working day.