Would You Like Manual Handling Training in Dublin?

Do you wish to educate your employees on the way in which to avoid hazards in the workplace? Are you seeking to attend manual handling training in Dublin? Your search is over – we here at Guardian Safety have all the sessions that you could want, and more. Why not get in touch with us, through the avenues specified below, and begin your journey to safety enlightenment now?

For any business that is looking to send its employees on a course regarding manual handling training in Dublin, we here at Guardian Safety have the perfect solution for you. We ensure that those who are under the tutelage of our expert instructors, will come away having gained essential knowledge in regards to hazards encountered in the workplace. 

We are pleased to inform our prospective clients that all our instructors have attained, at a minimum, Level 6 in the National Framework of Qualifications; not only this, but they will have also participated in the Train the Trainer course, and be accredited with a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. Should you wish to sign your company up to take part in any of these sessions, we have a page dedicated to informing you of availability of our sessions, which you can take a look at on our website.

Whilst you cannot replace the effectiveness of in-person training sessions, we do appreciate that for those who are in full-time employment, it is difficult to schedule yourself into these. That is why, in recent years, we here at Guardian Safety have started offering online training courses, including a supplement for manual handling training in Dublin. We have three specific categories which, in turn, have a variety of courses; these are business skills, health and social care, and health & safety. We have hundreds of online courses available that cover a wide range of industries, which can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

We are pleased to be able to cater to our customers needs both here in Ireland, as well as in the mainland UK. This does mean, however, that we are required to have diverse ways in which our prospective clients can get in touch with us. For those that wish to attend our manual handling training in Dublin, you can give us a call on 0142 43013. If you are in the UK, and would like to enquire as to how our online sessions work, please feel free to ring us on 00353 142 43013.