Does your Business Require Fire Safety Training?

Are you looking for some fire safety training in Ireland? Then look no further! We are Guardian Safety. Since our launch, we have gained a commendable reputation thanks to our amazing and accurate resources that have helped a number of businesses and their employees to learn about the latest health and safety procedures. We have a highly experienced team that will support you throughout the course you choose, ensuring you are learning correctly and prepared for the required assessments.  

Our fire safety training courses are designed to raise awareness of fire hazards in the workplace and how to act safely in the event of an emergency fire situation, including selecting and using the correct fire extinguisher. The course is also designed to train staff in your fire safety procedures. On completion of this fire safety training, participants will be able to describe the chemistry of fire, identify fire hazards in the workplace, follow evacuation procedures, select and use appropriate firefighting equipment. 

Fire safety training helps to protect your business. It ensures everyone knows how to act safely, reducing the risk of injury or loss of life in the event of ablaze. Basic fire-fighting techniques can also help to prevent small fires from becoming big emergencies. Fire can have serious consequences for your business. Fire safety training is something that should be continuous in order to keep everyone up to date and safe. Existing staff should be given regular refresher courses so that they don’t forget the information. New members of staff should also be trained. This includes people who have been transferred from another building or site – you don’t want anyone in your business to be without this training.

Our fire safety training is aimed at all employees, regardless of the industry type. The final assessment is by a multiple-choice test and practical demonstration of using fire extinguishers. 

All participants who successfully completed the course are awarded the Guardian Safety Certificate in “Fire Safety”. It is advised after completing the initial fire safety training refresher training is recommended at intervals of not greater than 3 years.

If you would like to us about your fire safety training, be sure to give us a call today on 01-4243013. Our customer service team will be more than happy to speak to you about your business needs. If you have any questions about a specific subject, don’t hesitate to email us at