• Trip and fall accident costs supermarket €137.000

    A 73-year old woman was awarded €137.000 in damages by the High Court in Cork. She broke her hip in a trip & fall accident.

    The woman was in the supermarket to buy a waterproof canopy canopy for her cake stall. She asked a shop assistant if it was waterproof and he said ”I will find out, follow me”. As she did so, she came around an aisle. As she told the court, there was something on the floor, which she did not see. She stumbled and fell, in the process breaking her hip.

    Delivering judgement, Mr Justice Henry Abbott rejected the supermarket’s claim that the woman was not careful and held that the supermarket was fully liable, awarding the injured woman damages of €137.000.

    To read more of the case go to heath & safety review website.

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